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Investment FAQs

Is it possible to secure returns on investments even at any point in the global economic cycle?

Absolutely, Money Matters has over 2 thousand clients who we have helped make the most of their investments while insulating their capital against excessive risk, despite the uncertain times.

What risk do I have to take to generate a good return on my money?

Everybody has a different concept of what the word risk means so before recommending an investment, we carry out an ‘Attitude to Risk’ analysis that is personal to you so that your investment is matched to your own personal risk rating plus we then offer regular reviews which includes a review of your attitude to risk in order to ensure that your investment remains suitable.

Are there any guaranteed investments?

Yes, there are products that contain guarantees which are designed to provide peace of mind to first time investors but which also appeal to the more cautious, however they usually come with an additional cost.

How long do I need to tie my money up for?

There is no need to tie your money up for any specific time period and is down to your own personal requirements although it is recommended that stock market related investments should be envisaged to be kept for 3 to 5 years.

How are investments taxed?

Different products are taxed in different ways at different times, some are taxed at source, some are assessed for tax on encashment and some are free of tax so before recommending any investments we establish your current tax situation and take into account any future possible impact on that situation.

Can I have an income from my investment?

Yes you can have an income, either from the outset or left until a later date if income is not needed straight away, this is something we will clarify with you when deciding which is investment is most suitable.

How do I know how my investment is doing?

Investment companies send regular statements either 6 monthly or yearly but at Money Matters we also provide online access to a ‘real time valuation’ service where you can see the latest value at any time if required.

What is an Investment Platform?

An investment platform is an online service which provides access to funds from a wide range of Investment Managers, which means that you can pick various funds from various Investment Managers but you do not have to go to each one of them individually as they are bought by the Platform provider on your behalf.

You can hold the various types of product on the Platform such as ISA, Pension, Investment Bonds, Investment Trusts, OEIC’s ETF’s etc.

Where should I invest a recently received inheritance?

There is no simple answer as it depends on your circumstances and whether you want income, growth or both.

Contact Money Matters to arrange a no obligation appointment to discuss all the options available to you.