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Independent Investments Advice

Money Matters FS Ltd currently has in excess of £50 million of client assets under management. We are hugely experienced in this area but understand why many people still believe that sticking to the safety of bank and building society deposit accounts is the right thing to do. In reality with deposit accounts at a bank or building society the return after tax will often be less than inflation so your money is actually going down in value.

The type of investment that is most suitable for you will depend on a number of factors such as whether you are investing for income, for growth or for both, plus, other issues such as your rate of tax, now and in the future, and how long you want to invest for.

You may have existing investments with which you are disappointed or which have not been reviewed for some time, Money Matters can review these for you.

You may have lost contact with the original adviser or bought direct from a provider and need advice, Money Matters can help you with this by requesting that your business is transferred to its agency in order to provide advice and support to you where needed

Money Matters offers a full analysis of existing investments and can compare what you have with all other funds and products available to ensure optimum growth potential and benefits for you.

Is it possible to secure returns on investments even with a weak economy and global financial crisis?

Absolutely! We’ve helped hundreds of people make the most of their investments while insulating their capital against excessive risk, despite the uncertain times.

We Offer Our Investment Clients a Secure Platform for Investment Management

True Potential Wealth Platform

The Benefits of using the Award Winning True Potential Wealth Platform – ImpulseSave

Managing your investments has never been so easy with this world-first technology, which makes adding to your investments quick and simple.

  1. The platform is secure and we provide you with a unique login.
  2. Through the True Potential Wealth Platform, you are more engaged with us and the plans you’ve made.
  3. You will have a complete view of your investments.
  4. Through your personal client dashboard, you can track your investments against your goals and view portfolio valuations 24/7.
  5. You can link-up bank accounts and existing policies to get a better picture of your finances.
  6. You can access your personal dashboard online or via our range of mobile and tablet apps and even top up your investments using impulseSave®.
  7. You can reach us directly through the Secure Messaging system within your dashboard.

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